By registering your buyer, you will establish agency. If your client purchases the project or any part thereof at 2030 East Michigan Avenue, Phoenix, AZ

It is the policy of Granite Crest Homes LLC, and SOURCE Real Estate, LLC. that you as an agent of the client must be a licensed Real Estate Agent with an active license in the state of Arizona and accompany your buyer to on their first visit.

It is our policy that in order to get paid a Co–Broker commission, you and your client must be registered and that your client be accompanied by you, in person as their agent, you must complete a Real Estate Agent and Client Registration Form ”(THIS FORM)” and submit it.  

If the client contacts 2030 East Michigan or It’s Exclusive Sales Representatives prior to you as the
Real Estate Agent registering with them , a commission shall not be paid in the event that the client purchases a said project from Granite Crest Homes/2030 East Michigan Ave.

To avoid any misunderstandings involving agency, we will honor your agency for one hundred (120) days from the date of registration. The commission is to be paid upon the closing of the project.

Confirmation email will be sent to you once received